Monday, March 22, 2010

10 - OCVN Week 3

This is week three of my 10 week adventure with the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist program. We met at the Greene County Extension office in Xenia at the Fairgrounds. Pat Migliozzi, ODNR urban forester, started off the day with a powerpoint show about forest soils. We learned about the characteristics of Ohio's various soils by region. He also taught us about soil textures and Ph levels. Very interesting stuff. Then we ate lunch on the bleachers outside and watched a man exercise two horses around the fairgrounds track.

After lunch Kathy Smith, OSU extension program director - Forestry, spoke on forests and trees. She was the best speaker so far, in my opinion. She gave us handouts of her powerpoint presentation which made it easy to take notes relating to each slide. We learned a history of Ohio's forests (I'm glad I wasn't here when the lions still roamed in Ohio). Then Kathy covered invasive species. Next we talked about the secrets of tree ID and learned an acronym for trees with branches opposite - MAD Buck (maple, ash, dogwood and buckeye.) Finally we got into the oaks - there are too many oaks if you ask me.

We still haven't gone on a hike. But next week Barb M. told me she would take us to the lake at Buck Creek State Park. These extension offices don't lend themselves to hiking. I guess that's for us to do in our spare time.

Naturalist Kat Kitts over and out.

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