Sunday, January 17, 2010

Becoming an Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist at 60

The Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist (OCVN) training program begins on Wednesday March 3, 2010 and runs for 10 weeks. I'll be attending this along with two other members of Cincinnati Wild Ones. There are 20 in our class. YES!!!

I invite you to read my weekly blog about this new adventure. I'll tell you about funny, interesting or unique happenings, as well as give you a summary of what we're learning and doing. Each week we'll meet in a different location (offices, parks, nature centers, preserves) throughout the Miami Valley. We'll go from 9am to 4pm - half the time will be in a classroom and half in the field.

I've already had a dream about being attacked by a cougar on the trail. Does this mean we'll see a bobcat? (You know there are no cougars in Ohio, right?) Or am I just a little apprehensive. As a senior citizen, it took some courage for me to stop listening to all the negative voices in my head telling me why I shouldn't do this. I've decided I'm not getting younger and before I need knee replacement surgery, I want to follow my dream of becoming a naturalist. So here goes. Tune in to Kat's Prime Time!

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